On August 20, 2003 I had a spiritual experience while living in Richmond, Virginia. I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t at peace with myself and I began to question internally my purpose in life. While this was happening, tears began to roll down my eyes and peace became upon me.

I heard the voice of the lord, he said to me that my purpose was first to preach over thousands, and he began to remind me of an experience from my childhood. I felt so enlightened by his presence. Shortly after, I shared my experience with family and friends who were receptive.

I accepted the call and began to educate myself about the Lord through the studying of his word. I started preaching in August 2004 under my previous pastor Dr. Roland Foreman at New Beginning Church of Christ in Richmond, Virginia. There I became an Assistant Pastor where I was able to minister outside of the church in Virginia & North Carolina. I conducted a broadcasting of prayer at the local radio station WREJ-Rejoice Radio 1540 and later became a Chaplin for the Richmond City Jail, ministering to over eight hundred inmates a month.

My journey back to New York started in 2011 with summer visits, doing missionary work in Harlem with Bethel Gospel Assembly. While assisting with missions, my vision came to light to start my own ministry.

Divine Contact Ministries was started on March 16, 2015 to develop and nurture relationships between God and people. We are an international group of people from different walks of life who assemble themselves in worship and praise.